Mount Tambora Trekking Package & Tour Information

Mount Tambora Trekking

Mount Tambora is located in the districts of Dompu and Bima, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). Mount Tambora is one of the favorites, besides Mount Rinjani.

There are four official hiking trails on Mount Tambora. The four climbing routes include the Pancasila, Doro Ncanga, Oi Marai, and Piong routes. For your information, the Pancasila and Doro Ncanga routes are in the Dompu Regency area, while the Piong and Oi Marai routes are in the Bima Regency area.

All four of them have their own uniqueness and beauty, as well as field challenges. Check out the following reviews of Mount Tambora trekking routes:

1. The Pancasila Route

The Pancasila climbing route is located in Pancasila Village, Pekat District, Dompu Regency. Climbers often use this path due to its challenging terrain, requiring three days and two nights of climbing.

Furthermore, only the Pancasila route boasts peaks not found on other routes. That is why the Pancasila Path is the most popular route.

The Pancasila route has the character of a route that goes deeper into forest vegetation, where tropical forests pass through coffee plantations belonging to residents. With five posts, the distance can take three days and two nights, and it is the only route with a peak.

2. Doro Ncanga Route

The Doro Ncanga route is the second line in the Dompu Regency area. The Padang Savana area provides access to this path. Trail vehicles and 4×4 cars can traverse this optional off-road path. On this route, it only takes 2 days of mileage.

The Doro Ncaga route in Sori Tatanga Village is off-road. On this route, there are also five posts. Vehicles can only enter up to post three; after that, walk for about 2 hours to get to the top.

3. Oi Marai Route (Bidadari Waterfall)
The Oi Marai route is a trekking route that runs in Kawinda Toi Village, Pancasila District, Bima Regency. On this route, there is a view of Angel Waterfall, where the water continues to flow without stopping, and the discharge does not decrease.

Climbers can complete this path in just 3 days and 2 nights to reach the top. There are five resting posts. After descending from the summit, climbers can enjoy waterfalls with a million rides, such as flying fox, rafting, and river tubing.

The Oi Marai route is in the natural tourist area of Bidadari Waterfall, in Kawinda Toi Village, Tambora District.

4. Piong Trek Route

The Piong route is an alternative route for climbers looking to reach the top of Mount Tambora. You can traverse the off-road route up to post five in Piong Village, Sanggar District, Bima Regency, and walk to the top of the peak in about an hour.

In addition, the Piong Route has fairly easy terrain because it is at a low point in the southern region of Mount Tambora. This route allows you to enjoy the peak of Tambora in just one day.

The Piong route is the same as the Doro Ncanga route; both are off-road routes; only the terrain and access or travel time are different.

The Piong route is the same as the Doro Ncanga route; both are off-road routes; only the terrain and access or travel time are different.

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