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Mount Ijen Trekking Tour Package Information


Mount Ijen is a volcano located on the border between Banyuwangi Regency and Bondowoso Regency, East Java, Indonesia. This mountain has a height of 2,386 meters above sea level and is located side by side with Mount Merapi. Mount Ijen last erupted in 1999. One of the most famous natural phenomena of Mount Ijen is [ Read More ]

Mount Semeru Trekking Package & Tour Information


Mount Semeru (Indonesian: Gunung Semeru), is an active volcano in East Java, Indonesia. It is located in the subduction zone, where the Indo-Australia plate subducts under the Eurasia plate. It is the highest mountain on the island of Java. This stratovolcano is also known as Mahameru, meaning “The Great Mountain” in Sanskrit. The name derived [ Read More ]

Mount Kerinci Trekking Package & Tour Information

mount kerinci

Gunung Kerinci (also known as Indrapura) is the highest peak of the island of Sumatra and the highest volcano in Indonesia. It’s also one of the major fire mountains in the Pacific Ring Of Fire. It is located in the Barisan Mountain Range at the northwest end of Kerinci Valley and towers around 2600m above [ Read More ]