Lombok Green Nature is a professional company that work in Tour and Travel since 2010. Located in Sembalun Village, East Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara. This business begun by caring to social condition and economic of the society in Sembalun specifically and generally in Lombok and try to find the solutions to solve the problems of unemployment youths and need fields of work beside agricultural sector that done for generations for them who has land for farming.

Aware that the society cannot rely on agricultural only to get prosperity for the locals who live in Sembalun Valley, the society rate increase daily meanwhile the land tighten because of inheritance allotment, building houses and becoming residents. Most people in West Nusa Tenggara, mainly in East Lombok go abroad to find a job as labors, the most is Malaysia. It occurs because the government cannot make or open field of works for the society. Including Sembalun which has a great nature, beautiful and become the base gate to do trekking to Mount Rinjani, many people of Sembalun go abroad to find a job with low salary and far of prosperous.

green nature
green nature

Poverty is caused of unemployment people is the main reason why we need to run business in tour and travel by exploiting some good potential resource in Lombok. Tourism sector need lot of employer and able to give a big benefit to increase the economics of the locals.

Besides that, many other sectors will run with it such as transportation, camping equipment rental, selling logistic, agricultural (vegetables and fruits) and accommodation like home stay, inn, lodge and hotel. Employ 10 constant guide and 50 freelance guide and employ hundreds of porters who do the trekking and tour around Lombok.

We chose Lombok Green Nature as the name of our company because of development concept and sustainable tourism. Telling business is telling about benefit as well, but there is an important thing to care is the sustainability of environment. Commit in running business that responsible to the environment because tourism industry tighten to exploit the nature as the objects that offers to visitors. Developing tourism in develop country appear trouble to the nature like stake of garbage in every most visited destinations. One of it is Mount Rinjani National Park.

As our commitment from Lombok Green Nature management for environment and our social program, 10% from the whole payment of our guests who take our tour packages and we donate it to some programs that support sustainability environment and society empower. The fund that we collect is given to Sembalun nature lover and Sembalun Community Development Center and used in program form of conservations and society empower.

Besides that, we apply a system to minimize the use of plastic (bottle and sachet) to decrease the problem of rubbish. Sembalun Community Development Center (SCDC) and Sembapala (name of an Organization who care and love the nature) are organizations that focus on running the program to empower the society and environment conservation. Why do our tour package price more expensive with others? We take 15% profit for each product tour that we offer and we contribute 10% for our Organization and miters.

puncak rinjani
hiking rinjani
trekking rinjani via sembalun

The prices of our tour packages are proper for travelers, especially trekking to Mount Rinjani. It can be more expensive than the prices that offered by another operators, while we take only 15% profit. But surely, we do have reasons and good value that make us to offer the higher prices than others. In developing our business, we propose benefit principal for whole stake holder. Not only think of scoop up much profit, but more in giving the best service for good experience to the guests and refer to benefit for others who work with us.

Our obligation as an operator who offers the tour service is giving the best service for the guests who use our service for your tour. Besides that, we also have to full fill the right of the labors like porters and guides and every element who go along in this industry about the weight of goods and payment. Every porter must bring max 25 kilos, they may not carry more than 25 kilos. But, most operators breaks the rule by giving their porter more than 25, it can be 30 to 40 kilos. They do this because of profit and they victimize their labors (porters).

For us, this practice is breaking the Human Right of labors. Exploiting their inability to get more profit without thinking of their healthy who has to carry very weight load more than the ability of a man. Several times, our team found some porters fainted on the way. It caused of carrying lot of goods. In 2017, a porter from Senaru died on the way to Rinjani, he was getting exhaustion. Because of those, we choose to stand on the standard price which able to make everybody happy and smiled. Our mission is so clear, we built this business by spirit of developing others to make their social and economic better.