Are you looking for information about trekking Mount Rinjani and  Lombok tours, making a plan to climb the volcano soon or you are planing and looking for information to visit Indonesia especially tour and adventure in Lombok. You are at the right place because Lombok Green Nature is a company specialized on the tour adventure that has a lot experienced organising trekking package to Mount Rinjani Volcano and tour around Lombok. we also provide tour to Komodo Island with amazing and friendly stuff. 

what is our value and the difference with most tour, travel, trekking and hiking companies in Lombok?

Lombok Green Nature tour and travel is different with most  tour and travel companies in Lombok on business concept. we are not only talking about business to take profits but also talk about responsibility for environmental sustainability so that we run ecotourism concept.

we have strong commitment support preserve environment  to keep nature conservation, we cooperate with Sembalun Community Development Centre non profit Organization ( SCDC ) and Sembalun Nature lover organization to run an environment project together.

10% from each tourist payment contribute to support environmental sustainability program. it’s very important to create sustainable tourism  business that depend on  nature and the environment.

Clean Rubbish in Bamboo Garden with SCDC and Sembapala members

Our company located on the foot of Mount Rinjani called Sembalun Village, the owner and all the teams in Lombok Green Nature live in the village as the first gate to climb Mount Rinjani. Our strangest is grow and live in the slope of the mount so that as local people, of course, we more understanding of the situation regarding mount Rinjani.

Tour and trekking Rinjani Lombok is a journey that all along 24 kilometers if counted from Sembalun village as the first gate to climb Rinjani until Senaru Village as the second gate to the volcano. From Sembalun Crater Rim where the climbers camping before trekking up to the Rinjani summit all a long 6 kilometers total go and back.

informasi trekking rinjani

The trek climbing from Sembalun to Post III is not too hard because there are still many flat paths that started from an altitude 1200 – 1800 meters above sea level. From post III to the Crater Rim ( 2676m) is the hardest trip because the route is steep. All along the trekking Rinjani via Sembalun dominated by Savana and some endemic pine forest of Mount Rinjani.

Like Sembalun trekking trails, trekking from Senaru Village more challenging and taring where start trekking from 600 meters to 2626 meters above sea level ( Senaru Crater Rim ). If we count Senaru route is steeper than Sembalun trails. Different from Sembalun, trekking from Senaru we will pass beautiful dense forest until Post III. From post III to Crater rim we will find Savanna and pine forest.
Both of them Sanaru and Sembalun trails equally steep and rocks so that must be very careful when trekking down to the lake.

How to climb mount Rinjani ?
Trekking to Rinjani required to use the services Tour operator that register on Rinjani National Park Office. We are from Lombok Green Nature Company provide all needs along the Rinjani trip starting providing a mount professional guide, porters, trekking equipment, foods, accommodations, and transportation pick up and drop off after trekking provided by the company.

General information and a new update of Mount Rinjani Trekking 2019
In general, trekking to Rinjani volcano usually closed for three months every year starting from the first January until the end of March. Every year the government always close the climb in Mount Rinjani volcano at the same time because at that moment there were heavy rains and for conservation purposes.

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Everyone certainly wants to get comfortable atmosphere when doing a vacation, so we need to tell you that usually many people climb on holidays especially local tourist in17 august to celebrate independent day nationality of Indonesia and another long holiday days.

The best time to trekking Rinjani starting from April – June. at that moment, the weather still fresh and the nature around the Rinjani mount is still green and not dusty, but on April – May is still rain even though the rainfall is already low.

This time trekking in Rinjani volcano only is able to visit Crater Rim and not allowed to the Rinjani summit and to the lake. The trekking trails up to the summit and the lake there has been damaged by an earthquake July 2018. Need to be checked first and fixed the trekking trails by the government before opening the trek.

What other tour and adventure you can do around Rinjani ?

Pergasingan Hill Hiking
Pergasingan hill is alternative hiking and trekking for tourists beside to Mount Rinjani, the hill also very suitable for beginner climbers. Pergasingan Hill located in Sembalun village in the east slope of Mount Rinjani. For those of you who do not have enough time in your holiday or for you that love to see a sunrise, visit the hill is the right choice.



Sembalun Panorama walk
Walking around Sembalun Village will give a new experience in your vacation about local activity, local wisdom and culture. You will pass through the field and know local agriculture system and visit Sembalun cultural heritage as one of the oldest villages in Lombok called Desa Beleq house.

Paragliding Tandem
Sembalun slope surrounding by hills and mount Rinjani so that makes very suitable to do paragliding tandem. You can do this activity before or after trekking to Rinjani volcano. The aerospace sport recently becomes tourism attraction in Indonesia, and one of the best place to do tandem paragliding is in Sembalun, Lombok. We also offer Paragliding in Kuta Beach Lombok with difference scenery that is a beach view.
Lombok Green Nature also provides tour to waterfalls, Gili Kondo, Pink beach, and Sasak tour in Lombok island.



To get detail info about the trekking, tour and paragliding please visit the link below.