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Lombok Green Nature Is a local travel company located in Sembalun Village, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. We offer packages Tour from rural tourism, explore  mountains to the marine tourism.We invite you to know more about sasak cultures and heritage sites in Lombok island.

We have strong relation with a local community called Sembalun Community Development centre that focus in local community empowerment in the Slope of Mount Rinjani precisely in Sembalun Valley. Our company donate 10% from total profit each group that use our service and the donate use to support local community organisation ( SCDC )  and to support an environment conservation in Rinjani.

Guaranteed! you will get best experience with our team, because your comfort and satisfaction  are our priority.

Trekking Mount Rinjani

Mr. Royal on video trekking Rinjani

top rinjani

Mr. Subur a senior guide on Top Rinjani

Mount Rinjani Trekking & Tour Lombok Packages

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Torean (waterfall)

3D-2N Sembalun – Torean: Mount Rinjani Trekking (For Expert Climber)

This tour package design for people in the best level of fitness or expert climber who able walk up and down the hill for 7,5 hours a day.from Sembalun 1.150m to crater rim Sembalun 239m, summit 3726m, Lake 2000m and finish at Torean 700m above sea level.The Torean hiking trail is the newest route to Mount Rinjani in the northern part of the island of Lombok, which is included in the administrative area of ​​​​the North Lombok Regency. This route is usually traversed by pilgrims to Lake Segara Anak, both Hindus, and Muslims.
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4D-3N Sembalun – Torean: Climbing Mount Rinjani Package (For Beginner Hiker)

The Torean hiking trail is the newest route to Mount Rinjani in the northern part of the island of Lombok, which is included in the administrative area of ​​​​the North Lombok Regency. This route is usually traversed by pilgrims to Lake Segara Anak, both Hindus, and Muslims. The Torean route is the most sloping path to Lake Segara Anak. Departing from an altitude 750 meters asl (start trekking point) to Lake Segara Anak 2000 meters asl.
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2D-1N Rinjani Summit 3726m

Enjoying the most beautiful mountain in Indonesia with friendly local people who live in Sembalun village ancient caldera 2 Days 1 night Rinjani summit  over the moon.


3D-2N Rinjani Summit & Lake

Hiking 3-days 2-nights Summit and Lake Segara Anak start from Sembalun to the crater rim Sembalun, summit, Lake and Torean.


4D-3N Trek Summit & Lake

Trekking 4D-3N Mount Rinjani peak and Segara Anak lake start from Sembalun to the crater rim Sembalun, summit, Lake and return to Torean.


2D-1N Crater Rim Senaru

Trekking Package to Crater-rim-Senaru 2-days 1-night package start from Senaru to the crater-rim.  The second-day down to Senaru village.


2D-1N Hiking Rim Tetebatu

One of the best trip to the volcano beside from Sembalun and Senaru is hiking from Tetebatu to Crater-Rim 2-days 1-night. Spent a night in Tetebatu and start in the morning


2D-1N Trek Rim Timbanuh

Timbanuh-Trekking to climb Mount Rinjani from Timbanuh at 950 meters above sea level to crater rim 2.800 meter and in the next day back to TimbaNuh and Tetebatu.


Tandem Paragliding in Kuta

The best Paragliding sites In Lombok, fly from beautiful beach views to amazing mountain paragliding sites.


Paragliding Tandem Sembalun

You will fly with a professional pilot that has high flight hours and guaranteed you will be save.


Daily Tour Pink Beach Lombok

Tangsi beach or famous as Pink Beach is one of popular tourism destination in Lombok. located in Sekaroh


Pergasingan Hill Sunrise Trip

Sunrise trip package for you who have limited time or do not want to over-night at top of Pergasingan Hill.

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Camping on pergasingan hill and hiking on tiu kelep waterfall

If you arrive in Sembalun Village in the morning or arrive in the afternoon you can continue with the program.

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Hiking and camping on Pergasingan Hill and Gili Kondo

Overview: Pergasingan Hill, Sembalun Village, and Royal Rinjani Trek Center, Labu Pandan and Gili Kondo.

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Mount Rinjani Trekking Tour Guides

Are you looking for information about climbing to Mount Rinjani, or planning to climb in the near future. You are in the right place. Because we are from Lombok Green Nature provide complete tour package information related to exploring the nature of Mount Rinjani National Park.

Tours and trekking to Mount Rinjani Lombok are the attractions that are most interested by tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists who have a hobby of exploring nature on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Province.

The Mount Rinjani track is 25 km long, counting from the entrance to the Mount Rinjani National Park area through Sembalun to the trekking gate of Senaru Village, North Lombok Regency.

Meanwhile, from the Summit campsite (Plawangan Sembalun) to the top of Mount Rinjani. The distance is 3 km. if calculated from the field to the peak and from the peak of the back to the Plawangan Sembalun the total is 6 km. Then the full package trekking program journey departs from Sembalun and finishes at Senaru for a total of 32 km.

The terrain of the Sembalun route, from the starting gate to post III, the track is relatively not too hard because there are still many tracks that are flat and not too uphill. Hiking from an altitude of 1150 masl to 1800 masl, and from post III the track is more challenging. Which is known as the hill of regret to Pelawangan Sembalun which is 2639 meters above sea level.

Along the Sembalun route, savanna forests are dominated by savanna from the entrance gate to the Mount Rinjani National Park area to Post III. Meanwhile, from post III to the summit campsite (Plawangan Sembalun), there are savanna and cypress forests.

Unlike the Sembalun route, the Senaru route is more challenging and tiring where you start the ascent from the gate which is 601 meters above sea level to 2641 meters above sea level. In terms of numbers, the Senaru route is steeper than the Sembalun route. In contrast to the Sembalun route, which passes through most of the Savanna Forests. The Senaru route is dominated by dense timber forests from the boundaries of the National Park Area to post III. Walk 500 meters from post III to Pelawangan consisting of savanna and fir forests.

Both the Sembalun and Senaru routes down to the lake are relatively the same, namely the tracks are both steep and rocky, so you have to be extra careful when passing through these two routes.

How long does it take to climb Mt Rinjani?

Trekking to Mount Rinjani usually takes 2 to 4 days and is required to use a company engaged in official tour operator services registered at the Mount Rinjani National Park Hall.

We from the Lombok Green Nature company provide all your travel needs starting from professional mountain guides, porters transporting goods as well as cooks during your adventure exploring Rinjani. Not only that, shuttle transportation and climbing equipment are also provided by the company.

Use services of a tour operator because the route along the journey in the Mount Rinjani is quite dangerous. Many of the paths are steep and steep, especially at certain points.

When is Mount Rinjani open?

In general, trekking to Mount Rinjani usually closes in early January and opens in early April every year. The closure was carried out because the weather was unfriendly, namely the intensity of the rain was very high and efforts were made to conserve the area.

The best time to climb Mount Rijani is from April to June. At that time, the weather was still cool and the nature around it was still green even though it usually rains in April. Meanwhile, starting in July-October the weather began to heat up and along the hiking trail it started to get dusty.

The peak of the high number of visits to Mount Rinjani both foreign tourists and domestic tourists is also between July, August, September and October.

segara anal lake hiking

Especially for domestic tourists, it is usually crowded in August on the Long holiday to celebrate the independence day of the Republic of Indonesia on August 17. Event centers are located at several points at Pelawangan Sembalun, the peak of Mount Rinjani and at Segara Anak lake.

Meanwhile, for now it is not possible to travel to Lake Segara Anak through the Senaru gate because the descending path starting from Pelawangan has a landslide so that it cannot be passed. Thus climbing through the Senaru gate can only reach Pelawangan.

For tourists who want to visit Segara Anak lake, they must pass the Sembalun climbing route which is relatively still possible and good to pass. Then you have to go back through the same route considering that the path to the Senaru field is completely covered by landslides.

What to bring to climb Rinjani?

Camping equipment such as tents, mattresses, sleeping bags are included in the packages we provide. However, there are some important items that you must bring yourself, such as head lamps, warm jackets, trekking shoes, trousers, shorts and sandals which are also very important to use when visiting hot springs near the Segara Anak lake area.

If you have a history of special allergies such as allergies to flowers and other plants. It is advisable to bring your own medicine.We only provide certain medicines such as first aid, fever and stomach aches that can be used without a doctor’s prescription.

Don’t forget to also bring a raincoat when climbing in April and May. For other personal needs such as clothes and others. Bring enough and what is important according to the list of needs during the climb.

Don’t forget to bring a camera or cellphone to capture the journey and nature of Mount Rinjani.

Food needs, water, snacks, soft drinks and fruit are provided by the company. You may bring your own food so that it is not too heavy.

Before leaving for the climb, you will be given a large bottle of water as a necessity on the trip.

Royal and team are very experienced and customer-oriented. They will go the extra mile to make you feel safe and satisfied. I would definitely plan my climb up Mount Rinjani when the time comes!

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