Tandem Paragliding Flight in Kuta, Lombok 2023

lombok paragliding

Tandem Paragliding Attraction in Lombok 

Price :  USD75,00/person per flight.

Activity Description

We have some sites to fly around Kuta Lombok and we will bring you to the right site because to do paragliding depending on the wind directions, all of the sites guarantee have a beautiful view and amazing scenery of the ocean. 

Kuta Lombok beach or Mandalika area is a special economic zone in the tourism industry of Indonesia Country. The beach is located in the south of several Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.


There are a lot of attractions that you can do around Kuta Lombok, like relaxing at the beautiful beach, sunbath, snorkeling, diving, and Surfing. you also be able to visit another beautiful beach around Kuta Mandalika like Mawun and Selong Belanak Beach.

One of the popular tourist attractions in Kuta Lombok is paragliding Tandem sport to train your adrenaline. it’s good to test your adrenaline and to enjoy Mandalika panorama from the sky like a bird. It’s will give you the best and unforgettable experience vacation in Lombok.

We provide professional pilots paragliding tandem who has high flight hours, so do not worry if you have never done paragliding before, because paragliding tandem attraction is very safe if we fly with the right procedure.

Tandem Paragliding is not recommended for you who has a history of heart disease, acrophobia, and pregnancy.

Meeting point in our office Dodi Home, Kuta Lombok, Pujut, Centeral Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara. 83573




Do not forget to bring
Go Pro


2. Sembalun Paragliding site

Activity Description 

Sembalun Village is at the foot of Mount Rinjani located in East Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province.

Sembalun is one of the most beautiful mountain range areas in Indonesia at an altitude of 1150 – 1600 meters above sea level. Sembalun natural form is different from other mountain ranges on other islands of Indonesia. The form of the village is very unique surrounded by the hill and the valley is very plat.

Lombok Paragliding

Many tourists visit the village because Sembalun is a Tourism area that has a lot of attractions.

One of the tourist attractions that you can do in the village is a sports tour of adrenaline paragliding tandem Lombok. You will fly with a professional pilot that has high flight hours and is guaranteed you will be safe.

Sembalun village offers amazing scenery nature which is a characteristic mountain range like hills, Mount Rinjani, green fields, and colorful rice fields. All of them you can see from a height when you do Tandem paragliding.

Do you interested do the attractions?

Please come, and meeting point at Lombok Green nature tour office in Sembalun Village.

Where will we fly?

We will fly to Lawang Hill or mention Student Hill. Local people called student hill because many paragliding pilots do first fly on that hill.

How to get there?

We provide transport services for pick up and drop off if you are in Senggigi, Mataram, Kuta, or another area in Lombok. After the Tandem paragliding finish then we will drop you back at your hotel or the next location that you want to visit,

From Senggigi, Mataram, and Kuta take 2,5-3 hours, in total come and back 5 – 6 hours, we recommend that after tandem paragliding is better you stay in Sembalun village to enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh and cool air, also you can do other attractions in Sembalun Village.

Is there any additional cost?

yes, you must pay the additional cost of charter transportation to pick you up and drop you up. The price is USD65,00, a maximum of 5 people.

Is anyone who is not allowed to do a paragliding tandem?

not recommended for you who have heart disease and Altitude sickness

what should bring?
– Go Pro
– Shoes
– Glasses
– Sunblock

Packages include

– Transfer photos from our Go Pro camera ( if you do   not have a Go Pro )

– Transportation to paragliding take of


For more information or book this package please contact us.


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